• 06.mai.2010 kl.15:48
There's always that one person. No matter what he does or what he says, or how many times he hurts you, because you just can't let him go. Baby I hate you. I hate you for being more successful than me. I hate the way you ignore my friends, and sometimes me too. I hate you for being an asshole. I hate you for your ideas. I hate that your grades are better than mine. I hate the way you smile, your new glasses as well. I hate your school picture and I hate the texts you always send me in the middle of the night. I hate your friend's hand who's always leaning over my shoulder. These are all things I hate, allthough I hate you most because I love you.


06.mai.2010 kl.21:12

Hvorfor er natten som en krllete kanin, forresten?

fredrikke dorothea bolette

10.mai.2010 kl.00:46

du skriver h. iiiih. s braa.

hihii. du er s st.


fredrikke dorothea bolette

10.mai.2010 kl.16:37


du gjr meg skikkelig glad. er du klar over det? hhiihihihi.


fredrikke dorothea bolette

10.mai.2010 kl.18:31

alt du skriver til meg. snne kommentarer og snn fr meg alltid til smile :)

derfor gjr du meg glad.


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